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Teeth are our smiles. Interview with Dr. Giuseppe Aronna

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This interview is dedicated to Dr. Joseph Aaron. Dr. Aaron graduated in Dentistry and Prosthodontics in 1990 at the University of Naples Federico II. Immediately after graduation he attended the Department of Periodontology 's University of Gothenburg (Sweden) from which it obtained in 1997 a Diploma in Clinical Periodontal. In 2000 he went to Harvard University Boston (USA) from which obtained a Masters in Periodontics and Implants. Immediately after graduation he occupies until 2000 to clinical activity, teaching and research at the Second University of Naples. Meanwhile (1998) obtained the appointment of Adjunct Professor of Periodontology and Dental Implantology at the School of Specialization in Orthodontics in this same university. Among the new Diploma in Gothenburg and received a Master of Harvard Boston, feeds his passion for aesthetic dentistry. Starting with the modern techniques of bleaching with light sources, through the cosmetic dental gum useful to harmonize the lines and arriving, finally, the reconstruction of a perfect smile and help with application of modern techniques and materials, Aaron developed a real expertise in aesthetic dentistry. The knowledge gained led him to attend the prestigious dental studies of Hollywood, from which only serves to increase their experience by consecrating the first in Italy, as one of the foremost experts in techniques and whitening cosmetics dentale.Uno of the few to see these therapies as a source of rejuvenation and beauty of the smile, Aaron is able to donate or give back the appearance of teeth and gums in a context of natural colors and shapes and biomimicry of dental reconstructions. In 2004 he opened in the exclusive Via Montenapoleone in Milan, a study of dentistry specializing in cosmetic dentistry and periodontics. His reputation in terms of innovative aesthetic dental techniques dedicated turn, soon, his favorite study by celebrities, executives, businessmen and politicians as to be renamed by the press as "the dentist of VIP."